The Vision

A 20-30 acre campus in the Texas Hill Country

Our long-term goal is to create a 20-30 acre campus setting in the Texas HIll Country where we could consolidate our entire operation into one location. This would include:

  • Offices for staff and volunteers
  • Magdalene Houses for the triage work of bringing new survivors into our program, each home will house up to four women and a house manager
  • The Journey dorms, designed with single or double occupancy rooms, private bathrooms, and personal study areas. Each dorm would have a dorm manager to provide the supervision these women need as they go through the four phases of The Journey program.
  • Transition tiny houses, designed with two separate bedrooms and a central kitchen and bathroom. The occupants pay a minimal rent, hold a job, cook their own meals, clean their homes and participate in regular classroom training and continued counseling. This provides housing for those who do not have a safe living environment to go home to. Transitional living will give them the freedom to live on their own in a safe environment, with support and minimal living expenses.
  • A central building with a fellowship hall for meetings, presentations, relaxation and other activities, a cafeteria for the residents and staff, classrooms for the various classes and workshops.
  • A separate computer lab for in-depth training and personal study.
  • A barn, horses and a riding arena for equine therapy.
  • A large open area (with a pool or a pond) for relaxation, study, exercise and organized activities.

If you would like to partner with us in this vision, please contact us directly at the following.