About Mercy Gate

Where there is unity, there is hope. Together we make a difference.

Mercy Gate Ministries formed as a result of three Kerr County women joining hearts and visions to see poverty eradicated, and trafficked victims supported into freedom. Founding members Chae Spencer, Lisa Carpenter, and Lana Seibert have a combined ministry experience of over 30 years, each of them dedicated to personal ministry until forming Mercy Gate as a means of reaching a greater scope of those in need.

After years of serving, Spencer envisioned Mercy Gate Ministries as an outreach that would gather the lost, broken, and forgotten of our local community. The month before Mercy Gate launched, Carpenter helped a homeless man find his footing, aiding in employment, housing, and transportation. She saw the places this man had fallen through the cracks, and knew that if she wanted to help others, something bigger than the local church needed to be instituted. There needed to be a ministry, a go-between that would orchestrate needs and connect people to resources, as well as give the community a chance to participate.

Seibert has ministered for years at a local non-profit organization for abandoned children, and brings a unique skill set and passion to the mix. Together they organize local events to raise awareness about poverty and human trafficking, and regularly meet firsthand with those who come to Mercy Gate for assistance.

Mission Statement

Mercy Gate Ministries is a Kerr County 501(c)(3) ministry dedicated to demonstrating the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to those affected by human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Mercy Gate Ministries’ mission is to break the bonds of captivity, impart power over victimization, and provide relational advocacy to help survivors of sexual trauma transition to become healthy contributors to society. We do this through residential and nonresidential programs, education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities.
Who We Are

The Team

All-heart, all-in, all the time. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better team.

Chae Spencer

Executive Director


Lisa Carpenter

Assistant Executive Director

Lesley Lehrmann

Residential Program Director

Aubri Reed

ARC Program Director

Karla Soloman

Director of Outreach & Training

Annette O'Bryant

Clinical Director


Michelle Black

Residential House Manager

Andi Repka

Care Coordinator

The Board

Hand-picked for the handiwork in God's heart


Michelle Faust

Board President

Stockton Williams

Board Vice President

Julie Chapa

Board Secretary

Keri Heflin

Board Treasurer

Troy Faust

Board Member

Tammy Brown

Board Member