The first and most crucial aspect to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. In 2020, our first year of Prevention-focused outreach, Mercy Gate reached over 1800 people with our programs. By 2024 we project that number will exceed 22,000.

We are currently working with local and Federal Law Enforcement agencies, speaking regularly at Colleges and Universities, and spreading awareness through TV features and engagements.

Mercy Gate focuses on prevention through two primary means, as detailed below.

Awareness & Outreach

Mercy Gate regularly hosts community awareness events to inform the public. We believe that giving our community the tool of knowledge empowers individuals, leaders, and parents to prevent trafficking. For prevention it is of vital importance to especially reach youth and parents through spreading awareness.

Training & Equipping

Mercy Gate Ministries has so far led the training of over 300 community advocates, including many that represent local agencies.

Available Trainings

Human Trafficking 101

This covers basics of all types of human trafficking, difference between trafficking vs smuggling, what it is, where is it, what it looks like and what to do if you see it.

Sexual Exploitation

Red flags/indicators, risk and protective factors, myths & realities, sex trafficking vs prostitution.

"The Life"

Specifics of sexual exploitation in different forms (Romeo, familial, ect.), the subculture -“the life”, how sexual exploitation happens, recruitment methods, and the demand .

Trauma Informed Care

Victim centered approach, healthy relationships, explanation of the victims mindset and trauma bonds, barriers to self identification.

Internet Safety

Bunny hunting/fishing, online gaming, sexting, and pornography.

Victim Mindset

Trauma bonds, triggers, fears, what are they going through mentally and emotionally, healing, starting over.

Direct Service Providers

Tailored to specific organizations (adults/youth services), may request/include portions of each training named above.

How to talk to Youth about Trafficking

HT 101 (for youth), what it is, looks like and how to recognize it with peers, who are the traffickers, how are they connecting with youth, how can they report, internet safety.

How to talk to caregivers & teachers about Trafficking

Includes HT 101, tips for talking to youth about exploitation, red flags/indicators, risk and protective factors, student recruitment methods, internet safety.

Survivor Testimony

Journey through the experiences and life of a survivor.

    *Trainings are appropriate for youth ages 11+
    **Trainings can be provided and individually structured for schools, churches, youth groups, small/large groups, communities, direct service providers, law enforcement, airports, task forces, NGO’s, ministries, State and County Officials, healthcare staff, sober living communities, and more
    ***Please consider each training may take 30 mins to an hour each, if requesting multiple trainings please provide enough time to cover each topic thoroughly

    Contact Our Outreach Specialist to Request Trainings