Every area of a victim and survivor’s life is affected traumatically. This is why we are committed to the entire process, from Rescue to Restoration, and on into Advocacy, walking alongside women to help them discover any and all resources available to them in this journey of recovery and ultimately, reintegration into society.


Advocacy Resource Center


Providing resources and relational advocacy for victims and survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual trauma.

The responsibility of an advocate is to work closely with victims and survivors in order to help them discover any and all resources available to them on their road to recovery and, ultimately, reintegration into society. An advocate's job is to also provide hope and encouragement during this season of the victim’s life.

We currently serve individuals, 18 years and older, that have been or are currently being sex trafficked, sexually exploited, or that have experienced sexual trauma as a child or as an adult.

What is Provided?

The goal of the ARC program is to assist individuals in our community and throughout the state of Texas who have been affected by sex trafficking, prostitution and/or sexual trauma. ARC will create an individualized care plan for each survivor, including:


  • Healthy relationships
  • GED readiness with testing
  • College or career prep
  • Parenting classes
  • And more...

Life Skills

  • Stress management
  • Study habits
  • Financial knowledge
  • Self-care
  • Social awareness
  • Working well with others


  • Support groups
  • Safe spaces for processing
  • Spiritual guidance available
  • Support if seeking justice

Court-Appointed Advocated

We share common goals with the judicial system which aim to identify victims, promote interagency collaboration, and assist in educating on the dynamics of human trafficking and trauma. Our objectives include:

Specialized Training

Increase understanding, awareness and provide specialized training about the challenges faced when working with trafficking victims, their families, and traffickers.

Strategic Assessment

Help courts and communities assess their current approaches to human trafficking and prostitution, and develop or enhance a court based response to victims/defendants that are facing criminal charges.

Improved Processes

Reduce barriers to services, improve outcomes for victims/defendants, and promote stakeholder collaboration in and outside of the judicial system.

Insightful Screening

Screen potential victims/defendants for signs of sex trafficking and sexual trauma, identify and divert victims/defendants to appropriate services, and represent all victims/defendants that have been mandated to programs.