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Restoring Lives Lost to Sexual Exploitation...

One Square Foot at a Time.

Mercy Gate Ministries has been called by God to be the hands and feet of Jesus to help restore the lives of survivors of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse. We are a survivor-led and survivor-inspired nonprofit organization based in Kerr County. At the core of everything we do, every decision we make, every program we create, and every partnership we initiate are the survivors we serve and the ones we have yet to serve.

Treating a lifetime of sexual trauma is a long-term process.

Redeeming lives lost to sex trafficking and exploitation is a complex and challenging journey. There are no quick fixes. Restorative and healing programs must be individualized and adaptive, and commitments must be made to support survivors’ immediate and long- term recovery process.

We are a lifeline for a lifetime.

The Arukah Home

In January of this year, Mercy Gate purchased a one-acre property in West Kerr County to serve as a transitional home for survivors in our nonresidential program and those who have graduated from our residential program. Plans are to develop the house into a 4166, two-story, five-bedroom, four-and- a-half-bathroom home with two living areas, a large dining room and kitchen, two laundry rooms, and an expansive front porch. Once completed, it will house up to twelve women survivors.

Named the Arukah Home, the Hebrew word meaning "to heal, to restore, to rebuild", it will reflect Mercy Gate Ministries' commitment to what God is calling us to do - to help these women continue to heal from lives lost to sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse and restore them to the shining lights God created them to be.

Goals of the Home:

  • Provide a safety-net for survivors recovering from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by providing a safe, subsidized, and beautiful home they can afford and enhancing their efforts to gain financial independence and freedom.
  • Enhance our continuum of care component that will expand the ability for Mercy Gate to provide a safe shelter for more women and to serve them for a longer period of their recovery journey. The completion of this transitional home will bring Mercy Gate one step closer to our long-term goal of providing comprehensive services, support, and facilities for not only survivors but also for their families.
  • Reduce barriers that survivors face recovering from sexual trauma by providing the environment to make their own choices, build self-confidence, overcome their fears of living on their own, practice beneficial life skills, and establish healthy relationships with other adults. These are opportunities many of our survivors were denied by their exploiters.

We have been blessed with fervent community support for the Aukah Home. Mercy Gate Ministries has already secured the necessary funding for the purchase of the property, site clearing and grading, utility infrastructure repairs, and the foundation pour for the home.

Now we need your help to build the square foot at a time.

Become a Foot Soldier in our Capital Campaign

will fund one square foot of construction costs for the Arukah Home

will fund a storage closet for the Arukah Home


will fund a bedroom closet for the Arukah Home


will fund a laundry room for the Arukah Home


will fund a sitting room for the Arukah Home


will fund a bedroom for the Arukah Home


will fund the kitchen for the Arukah Home

    Help us reach our goal of $450,000...

    One Square Foot at a Time

    Of the 4,166 sq ft plan, we are needing only to raise funds for the remaining 2,150 sq ft. Would you partner with us to build the Arukah home?